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Putting the human back in Human Resources.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate Manual Processes

Much of your time is wasted on tactical and administrative tasks. The manual processes of human resource management prevent you from being able to focus on the critically strategic responsibilities. Focus on a ready-now workforce, not processing employment documents.

Reduce the manual tedium of administrative processes with Workflow AutomationTM for Human Resources. This automated solution allows you to:

  • Store your employee records in a centralised location and share them with authorised users anywhere, at any time.
  • Use dashboards to monitor your processes and gain powerful insights.
  • Produce and share quantitative metrics about your HR processes.

Learn more about the current state of HR Automation by organisation size, based on research by below.


of HR professionals cite technology change as the driving force in HR during the coming 3-5 years. Examples cited include: technology specific to the HR function and technologies that automate work.

- The Advancing HR function, 2018

Automating HR Processes

The HR processes most frequently automated represent some of the most transactional processes with the most mature HR technology solutions available: payroll management, benefits and time & attendance. Learn where your organisation stands and what you need to do to plan ahead.

Current HR Processes Automated

Payroll Automation

62% of large organisations and 69% of mid-sized organisations currently have automated payroll processes.
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58% of large organisations and 56% of mid-sized organisations currently have automated their benefits function.


Time and Attendance

56% of large organisations and 71% of mid-sized organisations currently have automated their time and attendance function.

Future HR Processes likely to be automated


Onboarding is the most anticipated HR function to be automated over the next two years, cited by 52% across both large and mid-sized organisations.

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Record Management

This was a focus area for large organisations in particular with 33% saying they plan to automate management in the future.
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Recruitment and Selection

This was a focus area for mid-sized organisations in particular with 38% saying they plan to automate records management in the future.

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Current State of HR Automation by Company Size

How automated is human resources today? What are the drivers pushing HR process automation? Download the resources below to learn more about HR Automation in Enterprise and Mid-Market companies.

Large Organisations (2500+ Employees)
Mid-Sized Organisations (250-2500 Employees)

Workflow AutomationTM HELPS:




Your business is growing rapidly. Your increasing rate of bringing new employees and contractors on board is straining your resources and timelines. You need an onboarding process that is efficient, modern and provides a positive experience for your new employees. 


You will be able to manage all employee information from one central repository.  It can integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).  With the click of a button, it will deliver the ‘new hire’ information packets via an online portal where new hires can self-serve, completing the required forms and uploading the required documentation. 

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Ensuring that all of your employees have read important policies and procedures, and signed an acknowledgement is challenging. If you rely on manual processes, it’s cumbersome and risky.  You are rarely certain that all employees have completed this and even less sure about which employee files are incomplete.


You will be able to manage employee notification of new policies and procedures that require their acknowledgment using an online portal. Employees will be able to self-serve by signing into the portal, reviewing new information and signing their acknowledgement at a time that is convenient for them, from wherever they are located.




Documenting employee complaints, grievances, safety violations and misconduct, is often unstructured and inconsistent. This leads to employee discontent and increases financial risk when issues are escalated to litigation.  It’s also challenging, if not impossible, to provide Senior Management with an accurate picture.  


Dashboards allow you to view the issues by type, department, employee, etc. and provide visibility into the status of cases to monitor progress, track resolution times and resolve bottlenecks. This also allows you to identify trends to report to Senior Management, or Legal, as needed. You’ll also have an auditable trail of actions and dates, with the names of those involved, and documentation of the policies and procedures that were followed.

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