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Sustainability at Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain 如何支持您的环境、社会和治理 (ESG) 目标mountain ranges

Data centers

We believe that innovation and integrity pave the path to long term, sustainable success and are pleased to offer services that bring our customers closer to meeting their corporate values and stated goals. These solutions validate our belief that doing good and doing business do not have to be independent initiatives. In fact, by taking advantage of these products and services, our customers can advance their goals for sustainability while contributing to an industry-wide movement to reduce waste and enable more environmentally-conscious management of information in a meaningful and measurable way.

We’re enabling organizations to achieve hybrid IT success by providing secure, compliant data centers with efficient access to top carriers and cloud and IT services providers.

Proven track record

Since 1951, Iron Mountain has been the trusted guardian for more than 225,000 customers including 95% of the Fortune 1000. The world’s most heavily regulated organizations have trusted us with their data centers since the 1980s.

Risk mitigation

Reduce data center risk by choosing colocation services from Iron Mountain. Receive comprehensive compliance support, federal-grade security, and the stability of an S&P 500 REIT with approximately 1,450 facilities in more than 60 countries.

Operational efficiency

Streamline digital transformation with the most logical venue for hybrid IT: Iron Mountain Data Centers. Easily access cloud, telecom, and IT services providers. Plus, make remote management efficient with our software and smart hands.

Committed to sustainable data centers

Iron Mountain colocation facilities procure 100% renewable energy, with carbon credit assistance and low PUE. We strive to reduce our environmental impacts and support our customers in doing the same. We are firm in our commitment to renewable energy and customers can now take credit for the green energy that Iron Mountain buys on their own reporting with Green Power Pass.

Iron Mountain commits to net zero carbon by 2040 by signing The Climate Pledge. 

powered by renewable energy GPP

How does Green Power Pass work?

trashGreenhouse gas emissions

Many organizations account and report on the emissions they generate, and have set goals to reduce these emissions over time. Increasingly, organizations have also begun to engage with their supply chains to account for emissions from “cradle to grave,” meaning along the complete lifecycle. By collaborating with suppliers, organizations can assess what emissions are material to their business, and look for innovative ways to reduce them. Iron Mountain Data Centers' procurement of 100% renewable energy and the Green Power Pass product give organizations access to clean energy, enabling their data center load to support their net-zero goals.

How does Green Power Pass work?


Iron Mountain电子废弃物安全回收和 IT 资产机密处置(secure ITAD)服务使您能够通过经认证的合作伙伴组织以对环境负责的方式安全处置过时的 IT 资产。您还可以通过行业领先的物流和安全的监管链流程最大限度地回收资产价值。

Iron Mountain 与 e-Stewards 或 R2 认证的合作伙伴合作,遵循最严格的环境和数据隐私准则。客户可以选择通过翻新、数据清理和按市场价格转售来保留退役 IT 资产的价值。这使您可参与循环经济,同时降低总拥有成本并充分维持安全和可持续性要求。与此同时,铁山还提供资产回收,我们遵守最严格的指导方针,包括禁止出口海外垃圾和禁止垃圾填埋政策。

Iron Mountain安全销毁服务通过以经济高效、安全且合规的方式销毁纸质文件和文档、塑料和媒介,保护您的信息安全。我们的在线工具和定制报告涵盖了从使用到可持续性的关键销毁指标,将有助于确保效率和合规性。

  • 通过安全销毁敏感和机密纸质文件来维护企业的声誉
  • 通过销毁不再有用或不再必要的文件来降低成本
  • 根据联邦、州和行业法规销毁文件,确保合规性,以避免行政处罚、罚款或法律诉讼 (视频)





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